The Goan Welfare Society

Goan Welfare Society

Goan Welfare Society

The Goan Welfare Society (GWS) was founded in March 1983 to provide limited assistance to Goans living in the UK. The responsibility for the Charity was handed over to the Goan Association (UK) when the original Trustees had passed away and in October 2004, it was re-constituted with Trustees appointed by the Board of Directors. However, as required by the Charity Commission, the Charity operates as an autonomous body with its own membership and raising its own funds. The present Trustees are: Paul De Mendonça, Norma Menezes-Rahim, Alfred Rebello, Raymond Lobo and Flavio Gracias.

Becoming a member of GWS could not be simpler – just complete the application form and a single “one-off” subscription of £1.00. Anyone is welcome to join the Charity – it would be an achievement if we could reach a target of hundred members.

Over the past few years, the welfare work has shown a considerable demand with the numbers of Goans increasing and also with the ageing community needing more assistance. This has put pressure on the Charity because of a lack of funds and also more importantly because more volunteers are desperately needed – as the saying goes “the harvest is big but the labourers are few”.

In 2010, GWS with support from members of the Goan Community repatriated the body of a fellow Goan (who died unexpectedly) to his family in Goa for burial.

In 2011, GWS raised funds to send a Goan lady (who suffered a stroke) back to her family in Mumbai.

the saying goes “the harvest is big but the labourers are few”.

Thanks to the generosity from our many donors, the above are some great examples of how the GWS stepped in to provide much needed assistance for members of the Community. We have been involved in other welfare work such as prison visits and helping families with domestic problems. The work can only continue if we receive financial support from the community. Donations should be sent to:

In 2013, GWS (with the support of fellow organisations) was able to repatriate the body of another fellow Goan to his family in Verna, Goa. He left behind a wife and two small children in Goa and they were able to say a final farewell to their loved one before burial.

The Goan Welfare Society, “The Firs” 17 Firs Drive, Cranford, Middlesex, TW5 9TA.


We are starting a fund-raising drive to encourage Goans to:

  • Become Members – for £1 subscription
  • Give one-off donations   
  • Join the “planned giving” scheme
  • Remember GWS on special occasions – e.g. anniversaries
  • Consider leaving a legacy in your will

Help us to help those less fortunate within your community.

Please Download the attached PDF by clicking the link below to donate

GWS Planned Giving Form( 3 November 2013)